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Specialized Fencing Company Near Ventura, California

When it comes to keeping your property secure and private, specialized fencing is the ideal solution.

Unlike basic chain link or wood fencing, our specialized fencing services allow you to customize both the function and aesthetics of your fence to meet your unique needs.

From security fences to privacy fences, decorative fences, and more – our fencing contractors have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

We use only the best commercial grade materials that are built to last decades in Ventura’s climate. Our fences come with industry-leading warranties as well.

With over 15 years of experience providing specialized fencing, we’ve seen it all. We can install custom fences on properties of any size and sloped yards with aplomb. And we always get the necessary city permits taken care of too.

Simply put – nobody does specialized fences better than our team here. Read on to learn more about our process and fence options!

Process We Follow for Specialized Fencing

Installing a customized specialty fence takes careful planning, expert installation, and using quality materials that can stand the test of time. Here is an overview of our specialty fence process from start to finish:

Initial Consultation

The process starts when you reach out for a free design consultation at your property. We’ll walk the perimeter of your yard and discuss your vision for a new specialty fence – whether it’s added security, more privacy, purely decorative, or a mix. We’ll also take measurements and site notes of any sloped areas, problem spots, etc.

Review Fence Types & Materials

Next, we’ll review the different types of specialty fence materials and styles that could work for your yard. This includes materials like treated wood, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and composite blends. We have catalogues you can flip through to find inspiration. We’ll provide samples if needed as well so you can see colors and textures up close.

Create Custom Fence Design

Using the measurements and notes from our site visit, we’ll put together a to-scale diagram of your property with a custom fence design tailored to your specifications. This will show the perimeter, gates, spacing between posts, and other details so you know exactly what the finished project will entail before moving forward.

Submit Permit Application

For specialty fences, a permit from the city is required. Our team will complete the permit application on your behalf and handle submitting paperwork and fees to get approval. We also coordinate any inspections from the city after installation if required.

Prepare the Site

Before installation day, our crew will come out and prep the site along the planned fence line. This includes clearing any bushes/debris, marking utilities, trenching for posts, setting string lines showing fence height/position, and more to get ready. Proper site prep is crucial to a smooth install.

Fence Installation Day

On installation day, our specialty fencing pros bring all the necessary commercial grade materials and tools to build your custom fence right onsite. For specialty fences, we always have multiple crew members to lift heavy materials and make sure build quality meets our high standards. The foreman oversees the team and will discuss any last minute adjustments with you if needed.

Inspection & Warranty

As a final step, we’ll do a walkthrough so you can inspect the finished fence and make sure it meets your expectations. We’ll also provide documentation on the commercial grade warranty that comes standard on all our specialty fence installations. And we’ll remind you to call us for any maintenance or repairs needed over the years to keep your fence looking its best!

Cost of Specialized Fencing in Ventura, CA

The cost of specialty fencing varies based on:

  • Fence Material – Composite blends, steel, and commercial grade wood tend to cost more than vinyl or standard pressure treated pine. Unique materials like bamboo or reclaimed wood have a premium cost as well. We offer many options at different price points.
  • Fence Height & Length – Labor and material costs go up for taller specialty privacy fences spanning longer perimeter lengths along your property line. Shorter decorative garden fences are most affordable.
  • Permit Fees – The city charges permitting/inspection fees that get passed along to clients for fences over 6 feet tall or other regulated scenarios. Permit costs are usually $200-$400 depending on specifics.

To get an exact estimate tailored to your project parameters, please request a quote from our fencing pros. We provide free estimates without obligation to use our fence installation services.

In general though, be prepared for specialty fence projects to start around $7,000 plus permits. Higher end materials, greater height/length, and complex terrain can reach $15,000+. Worth it for decades of security and privacy!

Our Specialized Fencing Service in Ventura, California

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Ventura, CA

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years experience designing and installing quality fences to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We work with you to understand your vision and design a customized fence solution for your property.

Quality Materials

We only use weather-resistant woods/metals and durable finishes so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly, efficiently installs fences to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re 100% happy with the look and function of your brand new fence.


Our upfront estimates and competitive rates make first-class fencing attainable.

FAQs About Specialized Fencing

What are some popular specialty fence types you install?

Some of our most popular options are privacy fences over 6 feet tall, security entrance fences with automated gates, decorative garden fences made from reclaimed wood, pool safety fences with self-closing gates, and enclosures for pets/livestock made from welded wire. We use premium materials for long-lasting durability in Ventura’s climate.

What specialty fence material do you recommend?

It depends on the desired aesthetics and function. We love working with high-grade cedar and redwood for their beauty. Vinyl and composite blends offer very low maintenance.

Wrought iron and steel are the most secure. Composite blends like Trex are great as well since they blend durability, aesthetics, and affordability. We help clients weigh the pros and cons of each material.

How long does specialty fence installation take?

Most small to medium sized specialty fence projects take our crews 1-3 days total. Very large perimeter privacy fences with many gates can sometimes take up to a week if poor weather pushes the schedule back at all. You’ll know the exact timeline after we survey your property and create a project plan.

Can you match my existing fence height and style?

Absolutely! We can design custom fencing solutions to match or complement your current fence lines along adjoining property borders. Just provide photos and dimensions of the existing fences during our design meeting. Matching styles, colors, post spacing, and fence heights are all possible.

Do your specialty fences come with a warranty?

Yes! All fencing projects from our company come backed by an industry-leading 10-15 year construction warranty depending on materials used. This covers defects in materials or craftsmanship. We also provide 5+ year warranties on labor should any posts settle or issues arise requiring fixes. Protecting clients is our top priority.

What does permitting involve for specialty fencing in Ventura?

For fences over 6 feet tall or enclosing pools/spas, Ventura requires project permits and inspections. We submit applications online and provide all required documents like boundary surveys and materials specs. The city then reviews and issues a permit clearing the way for legal installation. Permitting fees generally range from $200 to $400 depending on the project scope.

Can you install fences on sloped terrain or hills?

Definitely, we actual specialize in fencing installations for yards with elevation changes, slopes, retaining walls, or uneven terrain. Our post hole digging equipment can handle nearly any landscape. Gates for sloped driveways also available. Unique solutions is something we pride ourselves on.

What do you do with leftover dirt and debris after installing fences?

We make sure your property is returned to its original beautiful condition once we finish fence construction. All leftover dirt is removed from the site and hauled away. We sweep the area clean and pick up any stray nails, wire, packaging etc. We even use a magnetic roller on lawns near our work area to prevent any foreign objects from being left behind. Taking care of clients includes cleanup!

Do I need to be home during the fence installation?

Nope! After we meet for the initial design consultation and final approve drawings, your presence isn’t necessary if you can’t be there or don’t want the hassle. We have codes to access locked gates or can arrange for a neighbor to let us in instead. Many clients opt to simply swing by after work to inspect progress once or twice. But being onsite the whole time is totally optional!

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