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Residential Aluminum Fencing Near Ventura, CA

When it comes to finding the best residential aluminum fencing, look no further than our expert team.

With years of experience enhancing properties across the area with beautiful, durable aluminum fences, we have the skills, knowledge, and eye for quality to provide you with a fence that perfectly fits your home and lifestyle.

Aluminum fences offer many benefits over other fencing materials. Not only is aluminum one of the toughest metals available, making it incredibly strong and durable, but it is lightweight in comparison to materials like wood and wrought iron.

This allows us to provide homeowners with tall, sturdy privacy fences or boundary fences, without overloading your existing retaining walls or foundation.

The versatility of aluminum also makes it easy for us to customize your fence, whether that means adding your preferred decorative finials, creating double gates with inset latches, or painting or powder coating your fence in custom, complementary colors.

With proper care and maintenance, like any other outdoor feature, a professionally-installed residential aluminum fence can enhance your property for 20 years or more.

Our team handles every step of the process for you, including permitting and gates, post holes and excavation services, debris haul away, and expert installation of all posts, braces, rails, pickets, and hardware.

We can provide customized solutions with aluminum fence additions or enclosures, or outfit your entire backyard.

And of course, with a focus on outstanding craftsmanship and service, every one of our residential aluminum fencing projects comes fully guaranteed.

Process We Follow for Residential Aluminum Fencing

Initial Consultation

The first step when partnering with our team for your new residential aluminum fence is an initial, no-obligation backyard consultation.

This gives us an opportunity to talk through your vision for an aluminum fence, measure your property’s parameters, discuss any DIY elements you hope to contribute, and provide an accurate estimate based on the full project scope.

With years of experience transforming backyards of all shapes and sizes with custom aluminum fencing solutions, we have the expertise to make recommendations to help you accomplish your goals within your stated budget.

Whether that means suggesting style adjustments to cut costs or a phased installation approach over time, our aim is to provide you with all the details necessary to make an informed decision that you feel confident about.


Once we have finalized the specifics of your new aluminum fence installation, including materials, dimensions, styles, colors, gates, and any specialty elements, we handle submitting the required permits and relevant paperwork to your homeowners association and the city offices on your behalf.

With strong existing relationships across municipalities and familiarity navigating standard protocols, we can obtain approval quickly and efficiently without you having to take time out of your busy schedule for extra appointments or phone calls.

Site Preparation

To ensure your new aluminum fence will stand the test of time once installed, getting the site properly prepared is a crucial step. Our team coordinates all the necessary site prep tasks, including:

  • Carefully marking the areas for post hole digging based on agreed layout
  • Removing existing fences, vegetation, or other obstacles in the way
  • Landscape protection to avoid damage to surrounding plants and hardscapes
  • Operating necessary equipment for demolition and debris haul away
  • Preparing and leveling the terrain for post holes and gate entries

Proper site prep helps the installation process go smoothly and sets up your new aluminum fence for long-lasting durability and structural integrity over the years of use ahead.

Post Holes and Excavation

The foundation of a quality aluminum fence lies in the depth and construction of the post holes. For sturdy privacy fences and boundary fences, we excavate holes that are 2-3 feet deep to account for frost lines and ensure the posts will not shift or lean over time. We line the holes with gravel for drainage and stability, inserting steel rebar for additional strength when needed.

For shorter aluminum fences and railing applications, like pool fences or backyard enclosures, we calibrate the post hole depth and materials to meet code requirements while avoiding overengineering. We also offer concrete pour options for added support when recommended based on fence height, width, and wind load capacity.

Debris Haul Away

Part of providing a streamlined, start-to-finish fencing service includes clearing away any construction debris or waste materials generated during the demolition, site preparation, and installation process.

We load up all rubble, discarded fixtures, vegetation, leftover aluminum scraps, empty concrete bags, and other detritus to be responsibly disposed of offsite so you are left with a clean, tidy backyard to enjoy. This makes debris haul away one more hassle you don’t have to coordinate as part of your aluminum fence installation.

Expert Installation

Once the “behind the scenes” groundwork is complete, we move on to the fun part: expertly installing your brand new residential aluminum fencing system!

With more than 10 years of experience fabricating and erecting aluminum fences in backyards, our skilled fence installation crew brings speed, efficiency, and attention to detail to every job.

We take care installing and centering each fence post, evenly spacing pickets, and securing all necessary hardware for optimal durability. For fences incorporating gates or specialty elements, we incorporate these seamlessly into the full fence design with integrated functionality in mind.

Throughout the installation, we follow best practices around minimizing ground disturbance, avoiding contact with existing structures and landscaping, and keeping a safe, tidy workspace. We also take periodic measurements to ensure proper post alignment and adherence to your agreed-upon layout.

Inspection and Approval

Once installation is complete, we walk you through the finished fence installation to confirm it meets your expectations for placement, dimensions, stylistic details, functionality, and overall visual appeal in your backyard space. This is your chance to ask any outstanding questions and have our foreman make minor tweaks or adjustments as needed before sign off.

Assuming no major changes need to be made, we handle completing and filing all final inspection paperwork with the relevant local agencies. Once approved, you can enjoy full use of your stunning new aluminum fencing solution!

Cost of Residential Aluminum Fencing in Ventura, California

The cost of a new residential aluminum fence ranges from $20-50 per linear foot, with most standard 6’ privacy fences costing $25-35 per linear foot. This translates to around $5,000-9,000 for a typical backyard enclosure. Several variables impact overall aluminum fencing costs:

Fence Height – Labor and material costs increase for taller 8’ or 10’ applications requiring rigging and structural reinforcement. Short decorative aluminum fences and railing run $15-30 per linear foot.

Accessories – Specialty gates, custom mailbox cutouts, solar post cap lights, decorative finials and lattice/arbor add-ons increase job costs. We offer many accessory options to fit needs and budgets.

Site Considerations – Complex terrain requiring retaining walls, tree removal or concrete demolition tacks on additional charges before fencing installation.

Coating/Color – More durable polyester powder coating in custom colors costs moderately more than wood-tone stain or stock paint options.

As experienced aluminum fencing contractors, we provide free, competitive estimates accounting for all job-specific variables while working within your stated budget. Let’s discuss your vision!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years experience designing and installing quality fences to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We work with you to understand your vision and design a customized fence solution for your property.

Quality Materials

We only use weather-resistant woods/metals and durable finishes so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly, efficiently installs fences to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re 100% happy with the look and function of your brand new fence.


Our upfront estimates and competitive rates make first-class fencing attainable.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Ventura, CA

FAQs About Residential Aluminum Fencing in Ventura

Is aluminum fencing cheaper than wood or vinyl fencing?

Aluminum fencing costs are very competitive, roughly 25% less than composite wood privacy fences. Durability offsets moderate upfront expense over time.

What is the best type of aluminum fencing?

Ornamental hollow aluminum provides best durability and privacy. Killalee SuperSIX and Ameristar Montage styles rate as top residential aluminum fence systems.

How long does aluminum fencing last compared to wood?

Properly maintained aluminum fences last 20-25 years. Wood fences last 10-15 years before showing signs of rot, cracking and splintering.

What height is best for aluminum fencing?

6’ high aluminum fences keep pets/kids contained while allowing light and airflow. 7’-8’ heights boost seclusion for total privacy.

Can aluminum fencing be repaired if damaged?

Modular aluminum fence components bolt together, allowing easy spot repair by unbolting and replacing pickets, rails, or posts.

Do aluminum fences blow down in high winds?

Aluminum’s lightweight material avoids toppling. Sturdy steel posts anchored in concrete combined with rigid bolt-together assembly withstands high winds.

Can aluminum fences be painted or have color added?

Yes, aluminum fencing accepts spray paint and full primer/paint coatings well. Most providers offer powder coating in 200+ custom colors.

What maintenance is needed for aluminum fences?

Aluminum is low-maintenance, primarily needing occasional spray washing. Check/tighten bolts every 2-3 years. Reapply finish coat 5-7 years.

Should fence posts be installed in concrete or gravel?

Concrete boosts strength for 8’+ privacy fences. Gravel suits under 6’ aluminum fence posts. Both prevent moisture damage.

How far apart are fence posts typically spaced?

Residential aluminum fence posts should be 8’-10’ apart to prevent bowing under wind/weight loads. Closer spacing adds cost without benefit.

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