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Dog and Pet Fencing Near Ventura, California

Welcome to the premier provider of dog and pet fencing services in and around beautiful Ventura.

As long-time residents who care deeply about the community, we understand the unique needs of local pet owners when it comes to containing and protecting furry family members.

Whether you’re looking to install a new fence to keep pets safely confined or want to modify an existing fence to be more escape-proof, our team of experienced fencing technicians can handle any project.

We use only the highest-quality materials and back our work with an industry-leading warranty so you can have total peace of mind.

With customized recommendations based on the size, age, temperament and abilities of your pets, we create backyards that balance safety, security and aesthetics beautifully. Contact us today to get started designing your ideal pet-friendly outdoor living space!

Process We Follow for Dog and Pet Fencing

Initial Consultation

The process of installing a new dog or pet fence begins with a detailed initial consultation. We make an appointment to visit your home and meet with all stakeholders – both human and furry!

Our team asks questions to understand how your pets use the backyard currently; identify any problem areas or safety issues; discuss your goals and vision for the space; and get accurate measurements. We also assess factors like:

  • Breed, size, age and temperament of pets
  • Areas pets should be kept out of
  • Potential escape points
  • Digging/climbing/jumping abilities
  • Family’s aesthetic preferences
  • Budget for the project

After gathering all the necessary information, we provide best practice recommendations tailored to your pets and property. We help you select the fence type, height, materials and special accessories that will keep your animals secure while staying within your budget.

Custom Fence Design

Next, our team creates a detailed site plan showing exactly where your pet fence will be installed on your property along with the specifics of the build.

We incorporate clever safety measures in high risk areas to eliminate escapes based on your pets’ abilities. Gates, self-closing latches, dig guards and other accessories are strategically positioned to mitigate known issues.

The result is a completely customized fence layout designed not just for security, but for seamless integration with existing landscaping and home architecture. We’ll provide a 3D rendering so you can visualize the end result before work begins.

Pre-Installation Site Prep

To get your yard ready for the new pet fencing system, our crew performs any necessary site preparation before the big install day. This may involve:

  • Removing existing fence sections or posts
  • Clearing and leveling the installation area
  • Laying gravel, paving stones or other base materials
  • Measuring, marking and pre-digging post holes
  • Storing materials safely onsite

Proper site prep is crucial for efficient installation and a fence foundation built to last decades. Our team handles all the dirty work so everything is prepped and ready the day our installers arrive.

Professional Fence Installation

On fence installation day, our crew follows meticulous protocols every step of the way for expert-level execution. To keep pets of all sizes safely contained, proper technique is critical at this stage.

We begin by precisely sinking and securing fence posts at pre-marked locations per the custom site plan. Next fencing panels, gates and accessories are put into place section by section until the enclosure is complete. The team ensures every join, latch and connection is perfect before moving on.

For the final touch, we fine tune tension on all lines, wires, and meshes so your pet fencing system retains maximum integrity over time without sagging. After a last thorough inspection, we officially certify the fence as escape proof!

Follow Up & Warranty

Customer satisfaction doesn’t end once the last fence pole is in the ground. We follow up on all pet fence installations to address any questions or concerns after you’ve had a chance to observe your pets interacting with their new domain.

Please call us right away if you notice digging, climbing or any other concerning behavior near the fence. We’ll provide troubleshooting and modifications to nip the issue in the bud.

Additionally, every dog and pet fence service includes our exclusive 15-year workmanship warranty. In the unlikely event any defect with the fence itself causes an escape within that period, we’ll repair the affected section urgently free of charge. Just give us a call anytime day or night – we consider containment failures an emergency situation and will mobilize our crew swiftly.

Cost of Pet Fencing in Ventura, CA

Installing a custom fence suited to safely confine dogs and cats in costs an average of $15 – $30 per linear foot. So for a typical backyard enclosure measuring 60′ across the back and 50′ on each side, you can expect an investment between $4,500 and $9,000.

The final price varies based on factors like:

Fence Height

  • 4 feet – Basic privacy height – Lower cost
  • 5-6 feet – Keeps large dogs contained – Moderate cost
  • 7-8 feet – Highest security for athletic pets – Higher cost

Fence Materials

  • Chain link – Basic galvanized wire – Lower cost
  • Wood privacy – Cedar planks – Moderate cost
  • Ornamental iron – Decorative metal panels – Higher cost

Fence Foundation

  • Basic posts – Least expensive
  • Concrete encased posts – Longest lasting

Gates & Accessories

  • Single walk gate – Lower cost
  • Double drive gate – Higher cost
  • Safety mesh, dig guards & more – Added cost

As fencing experts in Ventura, California for over 10 years, our team sources quality materials at wholesale rates and passes the savings to homeowners. Let us know your budget and we’ll design the most secure containment system possible at that price point!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years experience designing and installing quality fences to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We work with you to understand your vision and design a customized fence solution for your property.

Quality Materials

We only use weather-resistant woods/metals and durable finishes so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly, efficiently installs fences to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re 100% happy with the look and function of your brand new fence.


Our upfront estimates and competitive rates make first-class fencing attainable.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Ventura, CA

FAQs About Dog and Pet Fencing in Ventura

Is electric fencing safe for pets?

Yes, modern electric fences use mild static shock rather than high voltage. Properly installed, they’re quite safe and effective for animals large and small. The sensation triggers their instinct to retreat back into the yard.

How deep should fence posts be set?

For maximum stability, fence posts should be buried 2-3 feet deep and set in concrete below the frost line. Deeper is better to prevent loosening over time from moisture and soil expansion.

What is the most pet proof fencing?

The strongest, most pet proof enclosure combines decorative iron panel fencing, concrete footer set posts, dig guards near fences, and self-closing walk gates with spring hinges. The system keeps animals safely inside even if they jump, climb or dig.

Does home insurance cover fencing?

Some home insurance policies feature additional fence coverage or pet security endorsements. It’s worth checking with providers to see if fence repairs, replacements or new installs qualify on your specific policy.

How often should fencing be inspected?

Pet fencing should be thoroughly inspected two times per year – spring and fall. Look for loose fittings, broken stretch wires, mesh tears, missing staples, damaged posts, blown panels, and other defects needing repair to maintain containment integrity.

Should fence gates open in or out?

Gates should open into the fenced enclosure rather than outward. This blocks any chance of a loose pet pushing past you through the gate by surprise as you enter the yard. Out-swing gates offer less security.

Can pets dig under concrete fence posts?

While concrete encased fence posts strengthen foundations long-term, some extraordinarily motivated pets still try tunneling right under them! For these expert diggers, additional dig guards, landscape barriers and training is recommended to keep animals inside and safe.

How do invisible fences work?

Invisible pet fences use wires buried around yards to transmit radio signals triggering the receiver collar worn by pets. When they approach too close to the wires, the collar emits a lighting bolt sensation delivering cues to retreat back into the yard safety.

What height stops dogs from jumping fences?

For the average family dog, a 4 foot tall fence is ample deterrent to jumping or scaling. More athletic breeds like huskies, shepherds and great danes may necessitate 5-6 foot enclosure, and extreme jumpers require 7-8 feet safely keep them contained.

Can coyotes get into a backyard with a fence?

Coyotes are known to breach inadequately built fences to prey on neighborhood pets. They dig underneath, climb over and push through loose gates. Make sure your pet fences feature concrete encased posts, dig barriers below ground and self-closing walk gates to thwart coyotes.

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