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Securing commercial property boundaries is crucial for controlling access, maintaining security, and projecting a professional appearance to customers and clients.

With over 15 years of experience installing aluminum fencing for businesses across Ventura, our fencing company has the expertise to fully secure your commercial lot while complementing the aesthetics and architecture of your buildings.

Aluminum offers the strength of wrought iron with the durability and long-lasting appeal of a low-maintenance metal that withstands exposure to weather and wear-and-tear.

Its contemporary style blends well with modern construction while being available in styles from classic picket designs to ornamental security fences to match unique architectural vision.

We fully customize commercial aluminum fence projects to meet zoning requirements while fulfilling the functional access control and security needs that are important for directing customer and personnel flow.

With strategic placement and gate location planning, we can create defined boundaries that efficiently manage onsite coming and going. Vehicle gates can also be integrated for larger access ways.

Some key benefits for businesses installing aluminum fencing include:

Strength, Security & Access Control

Aluminum provides robust protection against perimeter threats with difficult-to-breach panels fixed to sturdy posts cemented deep into the ground.

Sections can be made tall, spiked, and difficult to climb for preventing unauthorized access. Security gates with electronic access controls are also available.

Low-Maintenance & Weather-Resistant

With just occasional cleaning, commercial grade aluminum holds up well overtime with minimal required upkeep. The ultra-durable metal prevents rust and withstands years of sun, wind, and rain exposure in Ventura’s coastal climate.

Customization Options

Fence panels, gates, and posts can be designed in different colors, textures, spacing, and sizing options to match a facility’s layout on the property line and integrate with existing architecture. Custom ornamental touches can further enhance appearances.

Zoning Compliance Expertise

With a vast understanding of municipal zoning laws for commercial fencing, our team ensures fence height, setback distance, and other specifications follow local regulations during planning. Gates and entries are situated appropriately.

By selecting durable low-maintenance aluminum customized to a site’s security needs and aesthetic vision, businesses can cost-effectively define their commercial boundaries while managing access and maintaining professional curb appeal for decades to come.

Process We Follow for Commercial Aluminum Fencing

Completing aluminum fence installation from start to finish requires careful planning, preparation, materials selection, proper building technique, and final touches to enhance durability and appearances over the long run. Our systematic approach includes:

Consultation & Quoting

We thoroughly assess the specifics of a commercial lot to understand functional access needs, security vulnerabilities, aesthetic goals, zoning requirements, and factors unique to the property. A free quote outlining recommendations, materials, project timeline and itemized cost follows.

Permits & Municipal Approvals

Prior to work commencing, our team files for necessary permits with the city government of Ventura along with supplying stamped drawings and plans indicating fence height, length, location and materials for approval.

Site Preparation

Crews mark fence post positioning with string lines and surveyor paint during initial layout. Underground wires, pipes, or other infrastructure are located. The area is cleared of brush, rocks and leveled.

Post Hole Installation

Using an auger drill, holes for aluminum posts are bored to a depth well below the frost line. At 2+ feet down, stability and anchoring is ensured so the fence can endure winter movement, retain alignment, and provide robust security.

Fence Post Cementing

The metal posts are placed into the holes, aligned plumb, and stabilized while the team pours in quick-setting concrete to encase the bottoms. String lines ensure everything cures in proper position. Proper curing time is allowed before further building.

Panel Installation

Once the sturdy fence posts have set, panels made of commercial grade aluminum are affixed between them with galvanized bolts and fasteners to create an impenetrable perimeter barrier. If needed, spikes, barbed wire or other security measures are added atop.

Gate Integration

Any gates planned in the fence are integrated to match panels in durability, spacing, and color. Hinge systems, electronic access components, locks, and gate posts are incorporated as specified. Double gates facilitate vehicle access.

Finishing Touches

For optimal longevity, caulking is applied on small exterior gaps and touch up paint where necessary. The work site is cleared of debris, tools and materials. A final walk through confirms alignment and functioning before city inspectors sign off.

With thousands of running feet of aluminum fencing installed over our tenure, businesses can trust our systematic process for maximizing access control, security, and aesthetic enhancement across their commercial boundaries. Let us know if we can answer any questions!

Cost of Commercial Aluminum Fencing in Ventura, CA

Investing in commercial aluminum fencing generates immense security, accessibility and aesthetic value for decades while requiring minimal maintenance. With creative solutions, companies can gain protection without breaking budgets.

Cost Considerations

Numerous variables affect overall project expense including property terrain challenges, fencing height/length, ornamental designs, gate quantity/type and access control components selected. Material costs have risen recently, also impacting budgets.

Larger operations generally install longer Runs exceeding 500 linear feet, justifying greater investments. Smaller businesses still benefit from aluminum’s durability at more affordable levels.

Cost Mitigation

By planning phases over time, businesses can complete boundary control in stages as funds allow. We also offer security upgrade options like barbed wire that minimize added material costs while boosting protection.

For most functional fencing without ornate frills, our current turnkey installations average between $25-40 per linear foot. Ongoing maintenance is negligible given aluminum’s longevity.

Quotes & Payment Plans

After assessing unique specifications and obstacles on site, we provide executable solutions paired with clear quotes outlining all projected expenses so decision makers can weigh value versus costs. Talk to us about flexible invoicing and payment plans to ease budget strains.

Durability, protection and professional appeal need not break the bank by selecting wisely, budgeting thoroughly, and engaging experts to guide cost considerations from start to finish when installing aluminum fencing.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years experience designing and installing quality fences to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We work with you to understand your vision and design a customized fence solution for your property.

Quality Materials

We only use weather-resistant woods/metals and durable finishes so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly, efficiently installs fences to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re 100% happy with the look and function of your brand new fence.


Our upfront estimates and competitive rates make first-class fencing attainable.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Ventura, CA

FAQs About Commercial Aluminum Fencing in Ventura, California

Does aluminum fencing look nice for businesses?

Aluminum provides contemporary aesthetics that blend with modern architecture while offering classic picket visuals matching Ventura’s downtown charm. Ornate custom touches can further enhance appeal. It looks far more upscale than chain link fencing prevalent at many commercial sites.

What level of security does aluminum fencing provide?

While no barrier completely thwarts crime, aluminum’s strength deters most opportunistic threats. Sections can be fortified with barbed/razor wire, increased height, solid privacy screening and electronic access gates. The metal itself resists cutting, prying and bending.

How long does commercial grade aluminum fencing last?

With proper initial installation, commercial aluminum withstands decades of sun, wind, rain and wear-and-tear. We use marine-grade finishes that further protect surfaces. With only occasional cleaning required, lifetimes over 20 years are common. It holds up better than wrought iron.

Can aluminum fence height handle zoning laws?

Through extensive experience with Ventura commercial zoning policies, our team pre-plans fence height and sightline compliance to meet local regulations before finalizing plans. We build code-approved barriers that avoid headaches.

What maintenance is needed for commercial aluminum fences?

A simple pressure wash every 2-3 years clears grime buildup. More frequent spot cleaning preserves appearances. Otherwise the durable metal requires zero painting, sealing, electrical or mechanical upkeep for low lifetime costs compared to other materials.

What factors affect cost for aluminum fence installation?

The length spanning a site’s perimeter, material/gauge selection, decorative customization, terrain challenges, gate quantity, gate access components, permitting fees and advanced security additions like barbed wire all contribute to overall budgets. Local labor and material rates also influence turnkey pricing.

How does the quoting/pricing process work?

An on-site consult and measurement generates understanding a property’s unique costs drivers. Applying industry expertise, a detailed quote provides transparent per linear foot and total expenses for the recommended solution so commercial decision makers can evaluate value before approving.

Is commercial aluminum fencing DIY friendly?

Proper support post depth, panel bracing, gate hardware and getting permits require experience. Aluminum can dent if handled incorrectly during building. While simple runs are sometimes DIYed, we recommend professional crews for commercial security, longevity and finish quality.

What design options exist beyond basic aluminum fences?

Panels can be customized in various spacing, heights, colors and textures to fulfill security needs while matching facility aesthetics. Decorative caps, rings, finials and latticework infuse ornamental flair. Privacy slats or full screening confine views. Lighting and arbors can also be integrated into metal framework.

How are you different from other aluminum fence companies?

Our 15+ years locally Established in Ventura provides extensive regional construction wisdom beyond fences to optimize durability amidst weather fluctuations and earth movements. We also offer commercial access control and broader security upgrades other vendors lack. Our customized solutions meet unique obstacles these sites face.

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