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Adding a trellis or arbor to your backyard can transform the space into an elegant, inviting oasis.

Whether you want to define a cozy conversation nook, create a shaded walkway, or provide climbing support for plants, our team specializes in designing and building custom trellises and arbors tailored to your landscape’s unique style and needs.

With over 10 years of experience installing fences in Ventura, we have the expertise and tools to construct durable, attractive wooden trellises and arbors designed to withstand the coastal elements for years to come.

Read on to learn more about our trellis and arbor services or contact us for a free quote today.

Process We Follow for Trellises and Arbors

Site Evaluation and Concept Design

The first step in our trellis and arbor building process is to schedule a site evaluation at your home. We carefully assess the dimensions and terrain of your outdoor space to determine the optimal placement, size, and design for a new trellis or arbor. ‍

Whether you already have a vision in mind or would like our design expertise, we discuss your landscape goals and preferred styles. Do you need a focal point at the end of a garden path? An intimate nook for a bench?

Support for climbing vines or an entryway accent? This collaborative design consultation informs concept sketches tailoring the trellis or arbor to suit your needs while accounting for sunlight, views, existing structures and more.

Material Selection

With a design direction in place, we help you select suitable grades of cedar, redwood and pressure-treated woods ideal for handcrafted garden structures built to endure Ventura’s coastal weather. Sourced from environmentally responsible California lumber suppliers, these beautiful domestic woods bring rich textures and natural durability without chemical treatments.‍

Trellises and arbors constructed from quality timber not only withstand seasonal moisture and humidity, but also age gracefully to complement your backyard for years of enjoyment. In addition to traditional wood choices, we offer metal and PVC options.

Custom-Built Construction

With final plans approved, our team gets to work fabricating a one-of-a-kind trellis or arbor. We measure and cut the selected timbers precisely to size in our workshop using advanced equipment that streamlines production while allowing customized elements. ‍

As experienced woodworkers, we leverage time-honored carpentry techniques refined over hundreds of trellis and arbor projects to craft an impeccable outdoor living addition designed to your specifications.

While options for decorative elements like finials, lattice and accent trim vary based on complexity, expect a harmonious, handmade look attuned to your personal style.

Professional On-Site Installation

Installation day arrives with your custom trellis or arbor ready to transform your backyard. After preparatory site clearing, our crew efficiently erects the permanent garden structure using proper footings and supports while protecting existing plants and structures from disturbance. ‍‍‍

We fine-tune placement based on optimal sunlight exposure, traffic flow and key views you wish to frame or filter. As needed, we can incorporate overhead lighting, ceiling fans and electrical outlets seamlessly into the design during installation. With our expert touch, your new trellis or freestanding focal point looks like it has always belonged.‍

Responsible Cleanup and Follow Up

The final step completes the backyard upgrade with full site clean-up and debris removal. As we put tools away, take time to relax under your new trellis or winding through an enchanting arbor walkway while admiring our quality craftsmanship.

We want you to enjoy this customized outdoor living addition for years to come. Please let us know if you have any follow-up questions or maintenance needs so we can promptly address them! ‍

Cost of Trellises and Arbors in Ventura, California

Bringing a custom trellis or arbor addition to life in your landscape is a valuable investment. Pricing varies based on the size, type of materials and complexity of design details.

On average, our clients spend:

  • $3,000 to $5,000 for a luxury wooden trellis or arbor with custom decorative elements.
  • $1,500 to $3,000 for a sizable pressure-treated pine trellis or simple arbor.
  • $500 to $1,500 for a basic redwood trellis perfect for defining an intimate sitting area.

Keep in mind that arbors spanning walkways or passageways are generally more expensive than stationary trellises. Unique features like integrated lighting, bench seating or planter boxes also increase costs incrementally based on materials and labor time.

We provide free consultations and quotes detailing all pricing upfront so you can confidently budget for a trellis or arbor tailored to your vision and budget.

Compared to prefabricated versions lacking customization, our hand-built structures made of quality domestic woods deliver superior value, beauty and longevity backed by attentive local service for the lifetime of your landscape addition. ‍‍

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years experience designing and installing quality fences to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We work with you to understand your vision and design a customized fence solution for your property.

Quality Materials

We only use weather-resistant woods/metals and durable finishes so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly, efficiently installs fences to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re 100% happy with the look and function of your brand new fence.


Our upfront estimates and competitive rates make first-class fencing attainable.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Ventura, CA

FAQs About Trellises and Arbors in Ventura, CA

What types of materials do you use for trellises and arbors?

We construct gorgeous custom trellises and arbors from cedar, redwood and pressure-treated pine woods prized for weather resistance, workability and natural beauty. Metal and PVC options are also available. We source high-quality domestic lumber ideal for handcrafted outdoor structures built to endure Ventura’s coastal elements.

What size trellis or arbor do I need for my patio or garden path?

Trellis and arbor sizes vary dramatically based on desired function and available space. During our site evaluation, we help determine optimal dimensions and placements based on your layout, existing landscaping and what you wish a new trellis or arbor to accomplish functionally and aesthetically.

How much privacy and sunlight coverage do trellises and arbors provide?

With strategically positioned crossbeams and planned vegetation, trellises and arbors filter views and sunlight to different degrees. An open-air wooden structure allows dappled light for shade-loving plants while a densely latticed trellis coated in climbing vines can nearly eliminate visibility enhancing seclusion. Share your sunlight, privacy and line-of-sight priorities so we can factor them into the design.

Do you provide maintenance for the trellises and arbors you build?

Yes, we offer follow-up maintenance services to keep your custom trellis or arbor looking pristine over time. This includes periodic inspection for structural issues, cleaning, protective re-staining and sealing if needed, clearing overgrown vegetation, repairing minor damage, and tuning up integrated features like lighting. Ask about joining our annual maintenance plan.

How long do trellises and arbors built by your team typically last?

Thanks to quality construction and materials, our custom trellis and arbor creations last 20+ years on average. We’ve built garden structures still going strong after 35+ years! With occasional maintenance and by avoiding excessive moisture buildup, a timber trellis or arbor we handcraft expressly for your backyard is designed to age gracefully for decades of daily enjoyment.

Will adding a trellis or arbor increase my home’s value?

Yes, installing a custom-built trellis or arbor is an appraised upgrade that boosts resale value like other permanent backyard improvements. By increasing usable living space for entertainment and beautifying the landscape’s curb appeal, you can recoup 50-75% at resale. And you get to enjoy the upgraded backyard every day in the meantime!

Do trellises or arbors require footings or anchoring?

Yes, proper structural support is critical when installing permanent backyard additions like custom trellises and arbors built from wood, metal or PVC. Our experienced crews handle necessary site preparation, footings and reinforcing to meet California building codes so your new structure withstands wind, moisture and years of use.

How long does the trellis/arbor installation process take?

The full process spans approximately three to six weeks from design consultation to final installation. We require at least 50% deposit to commence project-specific construction offsite in our workshop which takes two to three weeks. Once your custom trellis or arbor is complete, our professional team schedules delivery and handles on-site installation in just a few days depending on complexity.

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