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Wood Fencing Near Ventura, California

As one of the top local providers of fencing solutions in Ventura, Ventura Fencing specializes in the expert installation of high-quality wood privacy fences to help homeowners like you enhance your outdoor living spaces.

A beautifully constructed wood fence adds beauty, privacy, and security to your backyard or property lines while increasing resale curb appeal.

With over 15 years of experience, our team leverages precision planning and master carpentry skills to construct durable and customized wood fencing that perfectly complements the natural aesthetic of your outdoor environment.

We offer wood fencing solutions made from the most sustainable and resilient wood types to withstand the elements.

Our artisanal approach also means your new fence will amplify the architectural elements of your home through flawless alignment, effortlessly elegant designs, and seamless perimeter coverage.

Leave your wood fencing needs to the capable hands of local experts dedicated to transforming the form and function of your outdoor space.

Process We Follow for Wood Fencing

Comprehensive Site Evaluation and Planning

The foundation of an expertly installed wood fence lies in meticulous planning and site evaluation. Our team of qualified fencing technicians will schedule an on-site visit and assessment of the desired areas for your new wood fence, taking critical measurements and spatial considerations while noting any potential obstacles.

With a comprehensive understanding of your unique property parameters, we develop a computer-aided design (CAD) document outlining the planned wood fence layout overlayed on a satellite view of your home.

This allows you to visualize how seamlessly the new fence integrates into your existing landscape. Our proposals specify material types, quantities required, gates/access points, and any zoning requirements to ensure compliance.

Material Selection

Ventura Fencing offers a wide inventory of wood fencing materials to choose from, allowing complete customization aligned with your unique needs and preferences. The most popular wood types used for residential fencing include cedar, redwood, treated pine, cypress – each with their own aesthetic qualities, lifespan, stability, and pricing.

We help simplify the decision process by explaining the advantages of each wood type and providing style recommendations based on factors like budget, HOA regulations, environmental conditions, privacy needs and intended purpose. You also get to pick customizable elements like fence height, post style, spacing between boards, and decorative touches.

Securing Permits

An essential but often overlooked step is to secure the necessary permits before the installation process begins. Our team handles this critical paperwork by preparing the required documentation and plans to submit to your local county or city building department for review.

We answer any questions or modify proposals if needed to ensure compliance with local zoning laws and relevant property codes. Once permit approval is secured, we schedule a firm installation date convenient for you.

Installation Process

Our expert team approaches every wood fence installation with artful precision every step of the way:

First, we prep the site by clearing vegetation, obstacles or demolition of old fences along the planned fence line. Precise measurements are undertaken to mark post hole positions before digging deep holes to hold the sturdy wood posts in an upright position.

The wood posts are firmly anchored in concrete mix within the holes for maximum stability. As the posts cure over 24 hours, we return to attach the horizontal wood support rails and fencing boards with galvanized screws to create the fence framework. Gates are hung and any final adjustments made to ensure flawless alignment.

With the structural framework complete, emphasis shifts toward artistry through details like spacing the boards evenly, trimming any overhanging edges, sanding every surface smoothly, and applying protective sealants matched to your chosen wood stain for enriched color that nourishes while retaining the natural wood grain.

We clean the site thoroughly before completing a final walkthrough with you to confirm your absolute satisfaction as valued customers. Our workmanship warranty provides lasting peace of mind while you enjoy the benefits of a tailor-made wood privacy fence designed in harmony with your outdoor space.

Cost of Wood Fencing in Ventura, CA

As experienced Ventura fencing contractors, we understand how vital it is to have full price transparency before undertaking a major home upgrade project.

With professional wood fencing, its important to remember that not all quotes are equal when comparing quality, materials, experience and warranty coverage.

Keeping this context in mind, customers can expect to budget between $25 – $45 per linear foot for a professionally installed wood fence. The final price is influenced by factors like:

  • Type of wood material (cedar is most expensive)
  • Height of fence
  • Terrain complexity
  • Access point gates
  • Special zoning needs
  • Geographical proximity
  • Warranties

Rather than provide misleading baseline averages, we offer customized quotes only after an initial site visit allows us to accurately account for your specific demands.

As a preferred local fence contractor, transparency and fair pricing has helped us earn the trust of homeowners over the years.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years experience designing and installing quality fences to meet each customer’s unique needs.


We work with you to understand your vision and design a customized fence solution for your property.

Quality Materials

We only use weather-resistant woods/metals and durable finishes so your fence lasts for years.

Professional Installation

Our team neatly, efficiently installs fences to enhance and protect your outdoor space.

Customer Satisfaction

We won’t stop until you’re 100% happy with the look and function of your brand new fence.


Our upfront estimates and competitive rates make first-class fencing attainable.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Ventura, CA

FAQs About Wood Fencing in Ventura

What are the most common types of wood used for backyard fences?

The four most popular wood types for fencing are cedar, redwood, treated pine, and cypress. Cedar offers natural durability, attractiveness, and stability though is more expensive.

Redwood shares similar resilience to weather and insect damage. Treated pine is a moderately priced option for strength. Cypress works well in wet environments given its high moisture resistance.

What is the best wood for fence boards?

Cedar fence boards are regarded as the premium choice though redwood and cypress offer comparable quality as naturally weather-resistant woods that repel insects and last over 15-20 years.

Cedar’s appealing texture and orange-pink hue make it a popular aesthetic choice. It also has excellent dimensional stability so boards retain straight lines over long periods.

How long does a wood fence last?

On average, a wood fence has a lifespan between 15-30 years based on factors like wood type, building quality, maintenance and climate exposure before requiring replacement.

Top choices like cedar and redwood last 20-30 years, while cheaper soft woods may start deteriorating after 10-15 years. With proper preventative care, wood fences can last even longer.

What is the most private wood for a fence?

For maximum privacy, cedar and redwood fences provide complete seclusion and noise reduction thanks to the snug board-on-board designs which eliminate visibility and muffle sounds from adjoining properties or busy streets. The natural density of cedar and redwood limits unwanted peering. For boundary fences, a staggered wood pattern enhances privacy.

What maintenance is needed for wood fences?

We recommend periodically inspecting wood fences to spot minor issues before they worsen. Applying protective sealant every 2-3 years nourishes the wood while safeguarding against moisture, pests, mold and rotting.

Trimming overgrown vegetation near the fence improves airflow and longevity. Repairing sagging posts, damaged sections or faded aesthetics through refinishing restores the fence to original quality avoiding full replacements.

How much does it cost to stain a wood fence?

The average cost to stain an existing wood fence is $3-$7 per linear foot depending on if you do it yourself or hire professionals. DIY staining may cost $700 to stain 100 linear feet while contractors charge $1300-2500 for the same job including pressure washing, scraped repairs, adding two coating layers and materials. It’s safer and longer-lasting to hire fence staining contractors compared to renting equipment if inexperienced.

Should neighbor fences have a gap?

Building codes require a 1-6 inch gap between shared boundary fences to allow water drainage and prevent trapped moisture rotting the wood. The small gap also accounts for any width changes so fences don’t rub against each other.

To enhance privacy, alternating overlapping boards is an easy fix. While codes vary, most require 50/50 cost sharing between neighbors for boundary fences.

How far from property line can a fence be built?

Zoning laws prohibit constructing fences beyond your property boundaries without neighbor consent. Most allow fences up to 2 feet from the property line on either side.

Municipalities govern side yard fencing height and setback regulations restricting front-facing fences blocking street views beyond 3-4 feet tall. Knowing your city codes through permit applications prevents violating local laws.

Which side of a fence faces the neighbor?

Fence etiquette expects the most visually appealing side to face outward toward the street or adjoining properties rather than place an unfinished side toward neighbors.

Typically, fence frames face internally toward the homeowner while boards, decorative elements and gate latches face externally creating a good neighbor fence. This allows both parties to enjoy an attractive fence outlook.

Can I change materials or height on a shared fence?

Legally, both neighbors must provide written consent to alter jointly-owned boundary line fences if changes impact stability, spacing, or height on either side.

Unilateral modifications like switching materials or raising height without permission risks liability for any resulting damages from unwarranted construction. It also violates community codes requiring uniformity in shared fence lines.

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